Learn From Early-Adopter Brands

Strategies For Using Virtual Reality For Marketing, Branding And Customer Engagement

Create Immersive Brand Storytelling, Maximise Brand Awareness And Monetise Branded VR Content

London June 30 2016

A Business Conference Led by CMOs and Marketing Directors From Leading Global Brands Demonstrating How to Integrate VR Into Your Marketing Mix

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Strategising VR for Marketing
As 2016 is the year Virtual Reality becomes widely available. Now it's time for Marketing and Digital Strategy Directors to hear from the brands already putting immersive technology through its paces as a tool for branding, marketing, customer engagement and advertising.
Practical Examples and Case Studies
Exclusive case studies from leading global brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Thomas Cook, Renault, Burberry and many more covering all aspects of a VR campaign, from inception to immersive storytelling to quantifying brand awareness and measuring ROI.
Who You Will Meet
CMOs, VPs and Directors of Marketing, Brand Innovation & Strategy, Digital Strategy, Customer Engagement, Experiential Marketing and Content, as well as VR Content Creators, VR Production Firms, Marketing Agencies, VR Developers, VR Hardware Companies and PR Firms.

Marketing Directors From Early-Adopter Brands Will Answer:

Why Use Virtual Reality?

Is Virtual Reality The Right Way To Tell Your Marketing Story?

How To Integrate Virtual Reality As Part Of An Overall Marketing Strategy?

How To Monetize Advertise Content On Virtual Reality Platforms?

Can Virtual Reality ROI Be Justified For Brands?

How Can Virtual Reality Maximise Brand Awareness?


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